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Meet The Team

Our Work

The continuing education market is competitive. At InspirEd, we know what differentiates education programs so you can earn with learning. We partner with organizations to develop actionable education strategy, find money in their learning portfolio and build reliable revenue. We consult on the business of learning, program innovation, and speaker development. Our clients turn to us for engaging learning design for in person, virtual and online learning delivery. Some have called us SME whisperers because we love collaborating with your experts and speakers to deliver amazing learning experiences – and we’re a lot of fun to work with too. :)

​Our Clients

We primarily work with organizations that provide professional development or formal continuing education to advance workforces. These organizations are often associations, foundations, corporations, entrepreneurs, academic institutions, and training firms. What they have in common is a drive to provide exceptional learning experiences for continuous development and improvement.

Our Passion

When we say “advancing workforces,” it means strategically leveraging your learning portfolio to build capacity and mastery in the workforce you represent. It’s about crafting learning experiences that deliver results your learners crave and keeps them coming back for more. And it’s about advancing your industry to meet future challenges through transformational learning. It’s our mission and your ROI.

​Our Team

We’re the opposite of ordinary! We scale innovation to our client’s budget and goals – and roadmap your implementation success. We’re the originators of the Education Enterprise Scorecard, benchmarking continuing education success and sustainability. We’ve synthesized learning science research into design models that we’ve operationalized to deliver best-in-class results to our clients. And transforming learners is our favorite. Let’s create learning that drives your competitive advantage.

How Can We Help You Gain a Competitive Advantage

Let's coordinate a conversation about your project, innovation, challenge or fractional staff needs.

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