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Learning is change.

When we learn new things our brains (physically!) change. We think differently. We behave differently. We develop capability to be or do something new or different.


Information in education packages does not accomplish this. Informing constituents is important - and many communication channels are dedicated to it - but learning facilitates change. It solves problems.

Because information is ubiquitous, learner-consumers will more readily invest time and money in programs that solve a problem and deliver a result. 

That is what learning design can do. And we would be delighted to assist you.

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Pricing Projects

"Great! We want that! How much is it?"

Preparing your budget begins with the end in mind:

  1. How will the training be delivered (classroom, virtual (live), eLearning (self-paced)?

  2. How long (best guess) will the learning experience be? 


Those two decisions are cornerstones of your project budget. From there, we'll explore all the levers you can flip on or off in your budget with our ID Estimate Checklist. We'll show you precisely where you can save money to right-size your project.

Common questions 

"Have you designed our kind of content (fill in the blank with your industry) of learning?" 


We probably have, but even if you don't see a similar org on our client list, the instructional design process is the same, it's the content that differs. If you're bringing the content and subject matter experts (SMEs) to the party, we are set.

How long will it take to design our course?

Depends on how big the course is and how much media. If we're talking a 60-minute level 1 eLearning course in Articulate Rise and the content is ready to rock and roll, you'll be launching within six weeks (but we've done it in less). We put larger courses and curriculum on rolling timelines - it's a super spiffy and efficient process (high fives).

Can we see samples of your work?

Our client work is proprietary - but we have created eLearning demos to showcase what we can do for you. (Links down below). Also check out our sample projects and client testimonials.

Sample Projects

Our team creates exceptional in-person, virtual and eLearning experiences.


We have designed everything from accredited training to gamified scenario assessments. A few examples:

  • Designing an industry pipeline classroom curriculum delivered at academic institutions

  • Producing eLearning onboarding for key stakeholder roles in global chapters and member leadership

  • Transitioning in-person training to eLearning

  • Converting Flash based learning objects to secure and sustainable eLearning

  • Developing turn-key instructor led training materials for skills based workshops

  • Collaborating with SMEs to produce interactive webinar presentations and facilitating the live programs

  • Crafting a year-long in-person and virtual learning and mentorship program for emerging leaders

  • Designing technical training for precise performance and behavior change

  • Blueprinting a curriculum addressing an immediate need due to a federal rule change ensuring practitioners nationwide would have access to critical training and resources

  • Transitioning a cornerstone program to a three tiered competency based learning experience with 365-resources

  • eLearning course refresh and maintenance

  • Architecting new learning programs in our clients' LMS platforms including templates they can build future learning experiences upon

  • Designing eLearning courses that result in a globally recognized credential

  • Creating a gamified scenario based assessment capstone for a high stakes credential


Heads up: As part of our ID Estimate Checklist conversation and discovery process, we will be asking you about measures to ensure your project is accessible and inclusive. Behind the scenes we also apply inclusive quality standards, but we want to communicate early and often with you to ensure all of your learners feel welcomed and included in the learning experiences we create together. It's important to us and we are here for it.



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