If you're not earning with learning, let's fix that.

Accelerator is a 6-week workflow learning intensive that steps you through my systematic (and repeatable) framework that shows you where the levers are in your education portfolio so you can fast-track your success.

Instead of tossing spaghetti on the wall, let's strike your bullseye.

You bring your priority program issue and I'll bring systems, tools and new lenses for crafting a personalized solution.

Accelerator is a big bite of business acumen specifically around CE programming. Our work together results in a one-page education strategy map and implementation prep for your priority program.

Here's what we know for sure

  • Education programs that are reliably profitable (and sustainable) are backed by a strategy. And creating this strategy may be different than what you think.

  • Strategy documents that are filed and forgotten do not move us toward our bullesye outcomes. But we will develop KPIs and markers that will.

  • You have money hidden in your learning portfolio. I can help you find it.

  • Marketing gets the finger point when we don't hit our reg numbers, but there are other factors within our control that we can optimize to exceed our revenue goals.

  • If you were thinking about paying a consultant to develop your education strategy - Accelerator will be a bargain. Develop your education strategy map AND build business acumen in your team. 

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As a CAE Approved Provider educational program related to the CAE exam content outline, this program may be applied for 12 credits toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.


We take massive action during our six weeks together resulting in quick wins that will fuel your momentum. The systematic Accelerator framework we'll explore builds business acumen that you can leverage for strategic innovation and measurable ROI - your keys to a competitive advantage.

Establish your learning portfolio's baseline with our proprietary benchmarking tool

Generate critical insights though our quick start business analysis and alignment exercise to remove innovation obstacles

Determine your market position to establish your competitive edge

Craft your strategic objectives and metrics

Develop a persona for your target audience and the transformation you wish to deliver through learning

Assemble your one-page strategy map you can use as a communication tool with stakeholders, inform market research, and guide program implementation

One of the most common challenges associations approach me with is building reliable revenue streams with education programs. Yes, the continuing education market is competitive, but if you are strategically positioned, you really should be earning with learning. These three hidden business opportunities are a snack sized sample of the types of insights generated by the Education Enterprise Scorecard exercise in Accelerator. 


I could create your strategy and it would be awesome, but in my experience, externally created strategies are haunted by sentiments like "that would never work here" or "we won't be able to get people to execute that" or "we'll do this part but shelf the rest" which means that shared effort and all that money do not meet the organization's outcomes. We could have an honest conversation about whether those sentiments are accurate or escape hatches, but the singular truth is strategy doesn't matter if it's not implemented.

So instead, I show you where the levers are in your learning portfolio and teach you not only how to create a strategy that will work for you, but what happens to it when conditions in your market (or organization or stakeholder leadership) shift - because they will. In Accelerator, we'll map out your strategy, but even more valuable, I'll reveal to you where the dependencies are so you can meet change with agility. By building business acumen in your team, you don't just get a deliverable, you build capacity to lead with learning.


The opportunity to work with Tracy in her Competitive Advantage Accelerator program was game changing for us. She helped us get laser focused on the educational program we most want to improve and led us through a thoughtful  process that one-by-one brought several strategic priorities into alignment in ways we hadn’t previously imagined. We’re now positioned to significantly elevate the value of our online learning program and with it the value of membership by better leveraging our human capital much more effectively against a new education roadmap. No new technology investment required! And the best part? We will be able to apply what we learned from Tracy and the tools she provided again and again as we evaluate other current and potential new educational programs. Priceless!

—  Ragan Cohn, Executive Director, OATUG