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The Future of Learning

Tracy's decades serving the continuing education industry have taught her one thing for sure: the business of continuing education has shifted, requiring a new model for maintaining a competitive advantage. Tracy's is a thought leader who's innovative approach to workforce development is forward-thinking yet practical. She brings her entrepreneurial scrappiness to solutions that pivot what's great about what associations are doing to meet new challenges in the marketplace. 

No cookie-cutter content here! Tracy's sessions are interactive and insightful - both in person and virtual. Her warmth and expertise welcome meaningful conversation. And participants can count on leaving with take-away's they can immediately apply. Participants engage, learn, and advance.

Competitive Advantage

Workforce disruptions, new technologies, and tight budgets place enormous pressure on professional association continuing education teams. Old learning formats and pricing models are failing. The risk of irrelevance is imminent as competitors step into the market creating targeted learning programs faster and cheaper.

Tracy's Gold Award winning book, Competitive Advantage, shares a proven blueprint that previously has been offered exclusively to her clients that helps associations assess strengths and opportunities in their learning portfolio. She speaks to audiences nationwide on key investments and quick wins, extending the insights of her bestselling book.


2024 Learning Trends

If putting together impactful education feels more like a gamble than a guarantee, we've got good news: a set of practices to take you from idea to five-star evals.

Stadium Seats

Build It So They
Buy It

Learners invest time and money in direct proportion to how great an impact your solution will have in their lives. Find out how to ensure you trigger the "this is for me" moment for your target audience.


Pathway to Profit

Explore proven strategies that drive learners to click for more including pricing structures and registration killing mistakes to improve your eLearning earnings

Marketing team meeting

Leading Learning Innovation

Accelerate innovation within your team that drives measurable results with our Innovation Framework - because innovation is not just about the idea, it's about championing change.


Executive Presence: Bring Your Wow Factor Forward

Activate what differentiates leaders who engage, inspire, and make a difference.


Mastering Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a must for intentional leadership. Cultivate your capacity, creativity, clarity and capability with this hands on workshop.

Virtual Meeting

Co-Creating Inclusion

Learning orgs are shifting from accommodation (we tolerate you) to belonging (all are welcome here) in education environment and experience design. Find out how to level up your learning. Special focus on neurodivergence.

Designer's World

Designing Learning That Lasts

The new CE value proposition is transformation. Let's talk about how to design and deliver it.

Filament Bulb

Learner Engagement Toolkit

If learners leave and nothing changes, we've failed them. Find out how to engage learners and drive deeper results.

Hot Air Balloons

Trade Show Take-Away's from Experiential Learning

The new platinum standard is stand out experiences. Leverage experiential learning keys to elevate your expo.

Client Workshop

Drop The Mic

Shift from talking head to dynamic learning facilitator in this interactive speaker training workshop for a key event, new learning initiative, or chapter event leaders.

Close Up

Turn Your Conference Into A Content Machine

Discover the pitfalls and promise of repurposed capture content for an eLearning win.

Client Workshop

Strategic Innovation Workshop

In this private session Tracy will facilitate a series of powerful conversations applying her Strategic Innovation Framework to generate your next great learning innovation.

Client Workshop

Competency Modeling

In this private session, Tracy will work with your subject experts to achieve consensus on competencies and ideal results for skill development curriculum.

Holding Plant
Client Workshop

Talent Alignment Mapping

In this private session, Tracy will facilitate a leadership team conversation aligning talent with your business model and desired future outcomes.

"It was an absolute pleasure to host Tracy King as a program speaker for our annual Chapter Leadership Symposium. She was a pleasure to work with and delivered an exceptional program. Tracy clearly communicated her presentation needs and suggested the use of an innovative presentation platform that was new to us - one that effectively engaged participants and complimented the compelling and rich content of her program. We knew Tracy to be a subject matter expert and proven thought leader, and we found her collaboration with us to deliver an amazing learning experience to our group to be outstanding."

"More! This content will change instructional design and make a difference in US education."

"I can't wait to implement!"

"Thought provoking and challenging."

"Tracy combined the why and the how which made the information practical and useful because we knew the reason for doing it."

"Dynamic and informative presentation style and content."

"So many takeaways! Tracy is a very engaging speaker and I would absolutely attend a session of hers again--thank you!"

"I loved Tracy's strategic and thoughtful approach."

"This session was amazing! Thank you so much. This, alone, made the conference worth it."

"AWESOME!  Beneficial for all levels of skill.  Great presenter and super engaging content."

"This course was fantastic, and Tracy King is an amazing speaker with great ideas and solutions
you can use tomorrow. Huge added bonus...the take home handouts and book!"


"Tracy is a wonderful presenter - very knowledgeable, great presence."

"Excellent session, great modeling of concepts, great examples."

"Awesome discussion! Relevant and meaningful to my work."

"This program was really where the rubber hit the road with regard to e-learning strategy. Tracy introduced innovative concepts that helped break some old assumptions about how education can/should be delivered. I appreciated that she incorporated both adult-learning theory as well as the presence of market disruptors into the mix when making a case for transformational learning. I walked away with a lot of ideas and new ways of thinking. I also really appreciated how Tracy endeavored to engage participants."

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