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All The Possibilities

Creating Profitable, Sustainable, and Impactful CE

Education Strategy

Your Challenges: "We're seeing declining registration and revenues. "We're interested in building new revenue streams with education." "We want to stand out in our competitive market."

Our Solution: Let's transform those challenges into your competitive advantages by addressing education strategy. Our exclusive Acclerator approach quickly benchmarks your portfolio for strengths and opportunities, and builds a personalized plan for seizing your competitive advantage.

Team Reinforcements

Your Challenges: "We don't have a Chief Learning Officer." "We can't afford a full time instructional designer." "We want to build interactive Storyline eLearning, but don't have the expertise on our team." "We've got a new LMS but our staff doesn't have the bandwidth to effectively administrate it."

Our Solution: Sounds like you need team reinforcements! We'll serve as your Remote CLO partnering with you on sound strategy. We'll serve as your Instructional Designers, eLearning Developers, or Webinar Producers - let us know whether you want ongoing support or a project pick-me-up. We are LMS natives and are happy to administrate your system.

Learning Design

Your Challenges: "We're launching a new digital learning program and want to be sure it's a great experience (so it turns a profit)." "We're ready to level up a current program but don't have an instructional designer.""We need help transitioning in-person courses to eLearning."

Our Solution: Turn to us to design exceptional in-person, virtual and eLearning experiences. We're experienced architects of digital learning products from idea to execution. We specialize in interactive competency based learning that delivers measurable results.

Innovation Facilitation

Your Challenges: "Our Board (Taskforce or Team) needs help developing our strategic direction for CE." "We need fresh ideas for conference learning." "We're interested in building consensus around implementing learning program innovations." "What learning trends matter in the current market?"

Our Solution: Help is right here! Invite Tracy to facilitate consensus and decision making around CE strategy, implementation, talent alignment, CE business models, learning format innovation, or curriculum development.

Speaker Training

Your Challenges: "We really want our speakers to deliver more engaging learning sessions." "We're introducing a new program and want to prep our subject experts with training." "We want to offer speakers resources for delivering amazing programs."

Our Solution: Investing in your speakers creates huge wins for the quality and impact of your programs. Tracy delivers in-person experiential speaker training that guides subject experts through the shift from presenting information to facilitating dynamic learning. We also advise, or can help you design, a robust catalog of resources supporting speaker development for your events.

Digital Program Makeover

Your Challenges: "This online learning program is not performing as we expected." "Do we evolve or retire this eLearning program?" "It's harder to develop online learning than we thought - what are we missing?"

Our Solution: Allow us to take a look at your online programs and offer insights into what will drive traffic, registration, course completion, and improve satisfaction. We advise on learner experience design and administrative workflows. Our programs receive high net promoter ratings which means greater buzz for your buck.