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Average is a Waste of Time

Three ways to access your next level

Strategic Coaching

When you're on the leading edge, it's hard to find just what you need at a conference, in a webinar, or even forums. You've got a specific challenge that needs timely and personalized insight. Deepen your expertise with 1:1 coaching with Tracy. Our Farther-Faster  Framework will map our path. Confidential, convenient, and all about you. Let's dig in!

Competitive Advantage VIP 

Let's go deep on your most pressing needs. You bring the challenges, we'll design the pathway forward. VIP days are hosted in Minneapolis May through November. Bring your team and roll up your sleeves! Consider extending your stay to enjoy the city, meet with our CVBs, or take trip to Paisley Park while you're here. So worth it!

Ascent Retreat

We are strategic, driven, and demand more of ourselves. But sister, you can't be innovative and depleted. At Ascent, women leaders gather to transform inspiration to action. Every moment is informed by our five WellBeing pillars to restore #BadassBalance. Our unique Problem-Solution Master Classes will stoke your momentum, renewing your charge to take on your next challenge. #werisetogether

Believe it! Multi-pitch climb September 2008, Queen Victoria Spire in Sedona, AZ. You can do more than you imagine <3   #NewHeights


Get connected to exclusive experiences, burnout bailout, and make-it-happen insight to action planning to prepare for your what's next.